About the cooperation

The banking and insurance industry is in a digital turning point. The standards for digital services are being set high. Users require both impeccable security, top-level technical implementation as well as an intuitive user experience. OP is undoubtedly one of the flagships of that development. The best professionals – such as Bitfactor – are developing their services.       

OP is one of our oldest customers. They’re known for their top-level digital services that have strong customer insight behind them. Bitfactor’s business intelligence professionals, service designers, UX designers, graphic designers and copywriting specialists make sure that OP’s services meet the needs of their customers. Our software experts implement challenging web and mobile solutions from architecture design and robust backend to pleasant interfaces.

About the cooperation

Our responsibilities

Business Intelligence
Concept development
Service Design
UX Design
Software Development
Graphic Design

"Bitfactor has provided us with extremely skilled and motivated professionals who give their utmost to satisfy the customers. Bitfactor finds just the right people for our extremely demanding software projects."

Jukka Parkkinen
Head of Design & Software

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In cooperation with the customer, we developed the Android and iOS applications for the Oura wellness ring - an innovation that stirred up interest all over the world.

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