About the project

A creative startup had a vision of a spearhead innovation for the wellbeing market. Oura, a wellness ring that brings actionable insights about the wellbeing of its user, is a combination of sophisticated device development, radio-technology expertise, software competence and health care dimensions. In order to succeed in such a challenging market, the product and the whole service have to be flawless.

In cooperation with Oura’s team, our experts have developed the Oura Android and iOS mobile applications that seamlessly sync with the ring via Bluetooth. Moreover, we have helped Oura improve their R&D processes during the project.

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About the project

Our responsibilities

Software Development

"Bitfactor’s role as a product development partner has been extremely important for us. Bitfactor possesses world-class expertise in agile software development. Our cooperation has been exceptionally smooth, and they have provided us with innovative solutions – not only for the product itself, but also in how the fast-changing resource needs of a start-up company can be met."

Petteri Lahtela
CEO, Oura


The field of wearable technology was only in its early stages and the Oura ring was something nobody had ever done before. Therefore, the best know-how and ability to apply it to an unprecedented situation were crucial to this project.



Oura’s vision of the finished product and applications connected to it was clear. They needed top-class talent to meet the project’s technological requirements, and so we sent our best technology professionals to help Oura with their challenge. We developed the Oura Android and iOS applications as well as assisted Oura with their R&D processes. Together with the customer we were able to create an application that helped the product succeed and work as flawlessly as it was designed to.

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