About the project

When was the last time the farrier came by? Should the horse be vaccinated already? And what was the withdrawal period for this medicine? A horse’s owner has many things to remember and take care of. Especially with racehorses, the withdrawal periods for medicines and operations must be followed carefully. Moreover, their wellbeing is followed by observing changes in weight and temperature.

If all this information is written down on papers and post-its, it’s difficult for the owners and grooms to see the whole picture on the horse’s health. For example, long-term weight changes go easily unnoticed. Also, different countries and competitions have different rules for competitors, which makes it even harder to know if the horse is eligible or not.  

Paulus & Co is a company specialising in veterinary medicine and digitizing the tasks related to animal care and medication. Paulus & Co, together with Bitfactor’s specialists, developed the Paulus application to help manage important health information and medical bookkeeping related to horses. The service will soon be extended to other domestic animals and pets.

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About the project

Our responsibilities

Concept development
UX Design
Software Development
Graphic Design

"I walked into Bitfactor’s office with an idea in my head and a couple of drafts in my hand. Their response was encouraging and excited, and soon enough, we were creating a whole new way of taking care of horses’ medical bookkeeping and wellbeing. It’s been great working with professionals from different areas of expertise. The end result is an effective and user-friendly application I can stand behind."

Heidi Kellokoski-Kiiskinen
Veterinarian, founder

Advancements in animal care

Paulus helps keep track of the things that previously depended on papers and memory. Among other things, the application gives reminders on vaccinations and withdrawal periods for different medicines. It also makes it easy to follow the horse’s weight and temperature changes from diagrams. The application’s user interface is intuitive and pleasing to the eye.

Advancements in animal care
Modern and relevant technologies

Modern and relevant technologies

We built the service’s effective backend with Ruby on Rails. The user interface was developed with React Native, which made it possible for us to implement the application for both Android and iOS at the same time. Compared to developing individually for both platforms, this was more appropriate and cost-effective for this specific case.

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