About the project

Savonlinja is a public transportation company. Their industry is currently facing new competition that challenges traditional operators in the form of, for example, lower unregulated prices and new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concepts. Our project’s aim was to build a comprehensive service package that would help reduce costs and meet new requirements customers now have.

During the project, we implemented the Linjalla service, including the driver and the passenger mobile applications. We also updated the functionalities of their webstore. Together with the customer we created a set of services to best solve the challenges Savonlinja had, and serve both passengers and staff.

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About the project

Our responsibilities

Business Intelligence
Concept development
Service Design
UX Design
Software Development
Graphic Design

Planning the route

In the beginning there was very little information available about Savonlinja’s customers. The direction of the change was also undetermined. That's why our first goal was to draft an initial plan with the help of Bitfactor's concept framework. From the very first steps it was clear that only minor cosmetic changes wouldn’t be enough. Savonlinja needed something more radical that would possibly change their whole business and operations.

A deep dive into the users’ world, interviews, observations and combining information from multiple sources led us to three data oriented main goals. First of all, we wanted to collect information about customers, understand them better and make them more committed. The second goal was to streamline Savonlinja’s drivers’ work with digital tools. Our third goal was to help the management's decision making by combining data from different sources.

Planning the route

Getting the wheels turning

We adjusted our customer journeys and user personas along the way as we gained more information. We piloted the prototypes with a selected target group and refined the vision about different groups’ wishes, expectations and needs in every iteration. As the concept development progressed, it turned out that one service wouldn’t be enough to cover all the groups - passengers, drivers, supervisors and management.

The passenger application has a wide range of users, from students to pensioners, from Helsinki area to the countryside and from short to long distance travellers. We also wanted to make sure that customers would keep coming back to Savonlinja's services. Finland’s first customer loyalty program developed for bus transportation was born from this thought.  

The drivers application in turn must be so easy to use that even people who don’t normally use smartphones can handle it. Supervisors and management need tools for everyday decision making.

Getting the wheels turning

Towards the destination

Since there were multiple target groups, we ended up with three different solutions which interact with each other. Together the different parts form a network which helps the drivers and the management gain reliable and up-to-date information about what’s happening in the routes.


The app lets passengers purchase local and intercity bus tickets, as well as special transportations to events such as concerts and fairs. With a personal account a passenger can enjoy customer discounts and speed up the ticket purchase process.  The new web store also provides tickets through multiple channels.


Instead of operating three manual systems, the drivers now get by with using only one application. This saves time, keeps drivers informed and helps them better plan future routes. There is no need to check physical tickets, since a passenger can hop on a bus by stating their name. With the help of the app,  drivers can now more efficiently react to sudden changes and offer even better customer service.

Business managers

The analytics tool displays income and costs, and lets managers make decisions more efficiently.  The data dashboard links everyday operations to business dashboards, enabling fast and effortless decision making. For the managers, it's easier to form the bigger picture of everyday and future business.

Business managers


After the launch of the driver application, drivers can now better monitor future routes and passenger flows. The web tool has enabled supervisors to plan work schedules and allocate vehicles to specific routes more efficiently, in real time.

Results after the launch















The journey continues

The first milestone is now behind. Our next plan is to collect more accurate data to develop bus transportation, add more services to Linjalla app and offer more extensive route and schedule information to Savonlinja customers. New feedback channels open possibilities for dialogue with the customers.

"The old systems and ways of working cost us money, and the staff spent too much time struggling with malfunctions. Providing customers with new transport services helped us attract new customers in a heavily competed business. Travellers value quality, flexibility and excellent customer experience. Also, our staff appreciates the application that makes their daily work easier and more effective."

Kai Honkanen
CEO, Savonlinja

"Case Savonlinja shows that when design and data analytics are harnessed in the right way to the most crucial business areas, significant results can be achieved in a matter of months."

Kai Honkanen
CEO, Savonlinja

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