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Oura — strategic planning, research and implementation

In order to develop as a pioneer in customer understanding, Oura asked Bitfactor for help in creating its data strategy and infrastructure. In addition, Bitfactor also acted as a partner in the development of Oura’s mobile application.

The challenge

The Oura wellness ring is one of the most interesting and talked-about innovations in health technology. Oura’s goal now and in the future is to provide ring users with the kind of benefits, knowledge and understanding that no other wearable device can provide. Oura already had a compelling vision of its customer-oriented strategy, but Bitfactor’s help was needed to create a data strategy and make more versatile use of user data.

Bitfactor helped us create a customer insight strategy with a concrete implementation plan. We were really pleased with their keen understanding of the health and wearables industry, customer needs, and business in general. The people at Bitfactor are true experts when it comes to combining data analytics, big data architecture and behavioral science in product development and customer understanding. What is more, their expertise was not only visible on a higher strategic level, but it also resulted in an actionable and easy-to-follow implementation plan.

Marjo Piirto
Chief Marketing Officer, Oura

Bitfactor’s role as a product development partner has been enormously important for us. Bitfactor has top-level expertise in agile software development. Our partnership has been extremely smooth, and they have provided innovative solutions not only for the product itself, but also for how to meet the rapidly changing resource needs of a start-up company.

Petteri Lahtela
Chief Executive Officer, Oura

The solution

Bitfactor’s experts and Oura deepened their customer strategy and data-oriented strategy and worked together on a functional data architecture, as well as taking concrete steps to implement the strategy. One of the main goals of the project was to make it easy for Oura and all its partners to start implementing the strategy they created right away. Concrete measures were included in the plan. In this way, the entire Oura network was effectively mobilized.

After the strategy phase, Bitfactor built an analytics environment that enables analysis of large data masses. Using this environment, Bitfactor was also involved in other phases, such as investigating the impact on us of a larger scale of various social and seasonal factors, like public holidays and fluctuations in working days and holidays. This collaborative work also resulted in a scientific publication.

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Kimmo Heikkilä
SVP, Marketing & Sales