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Paulus & Co — from a notepad to a mobile app

The Paulus app makes everyday life easier for animal owners by bringing care-related information together in the one place.

The challenge

When was the horse shoed last? Is it time to vaccinate the horse? And where on earth did I leave the notebook with all that information in it? Horse owners have a lot to remember and keep track of. In particular when treating a racehorse, care must be taken to ensure that withdrawal periods for medication are followed. In addition, the horse’s wellbeing is monitored, for example by tracking changes in weight and body temperature.

When information is stored in hurriedly-written notes in all sorts of places, it may be difficult for owners and carers to have an overall view of the horse’s health. For example, long-term changes in the weight of a horse are easily overlooked. Competition rules in different countries and competitions may also make it difficult to determine the eligibility of a horse.

I approached Bitfactor with an idea in my head and a couple of sketches. The reception was supportive and enthusiastic, and soon we were creating a new way of taking care of the medical records and wellbeing of horses. It’s been really great working with professionals from different fields. The end result is a functional, easy-to-use and reliable application.

Heidi Kellokoski-Kiiskinen
Veterinarian, founder

The solution

The Paulus app makes it easy to keep track of things that used to require paper and memory. The application stores information such as vaccinations and withdrawal periods for various medicines. Changes in the weight and body temperature of the horse are easy to monitor with graphs in the app. For example, it’s possible to record the day’s training and add photos of treatment.

The plans for the future are to localize the application for different target markets. Since its publication, Paulus has expanded its operations to include dogs and some other animals.

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Kimmo Heikkilä
SVP, Marketing & Sales