What We Do

We aim for optimal results together with our customers in projects of all sizes.

Making it real

Good ideas deserve to become reality. There might be a clear idea of how to respond to a customer’s needs, but there may not be the time or know-how to make it come true. At Bitfactor, we help our customers achieve their goals and overcome obstacles in their path to success.

Mastering change

In a fast-flowing world, our customers’ needs are changing all the time, and the direction of development is not always clear. We will work with you to develop a customer-oriented strategy and a great customer experience. If digitalization seems hard to master, we’ll help you to identify exactly what it means for your business.

Smoothness in action

Even when a company is well established and its operations are on a firm footing, the need for change and renewal remains constant. Internal systems and familiar operating methods need to be examined critically to see when and how they need to be improved or even replaced.

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Kimmo Heikkilä
SVP, Marketing & Sales